[Evergreen-acq] June Acquisitions Bug of the month

Christine Burns christine.burns at bc.libraries.coop
Tue Jun 27 15:14:52 EDT 2017


Here is the June Acquisitions Bug of the Month.

Get involved by testing your system for the bug, indicating on Launchpad 
if you’re affected by the bug, and commenting on Launchpad or through 
the list if you have further information about the bug or suggestions 
about what you’d like to see in a fix.

*Bug* - Acq: Year End Dry Run Does Not Display Encumbrance Information

*Description of Bug*
When running a dry run for year end in acquisitions Evergreen does not 
currently give you any information about the encumbrances that will be 
rolled over. This is evident in the summary and the balance of the funds.

*Evergreen Version(s)*
EG 2.6+

*Desired Resolution / Fix*
In the "Fund Propagation & Rollover Summary for Fiscal Year XXXX" there 
should be an additional line that reads "$X encumbrances rolled over to 
fiscal year XXXX for the selected locations".

As well, the "Combined Balance" of each fund should show the encumbrance 
amount that has been rolled over (usually a negative balance assuming 
money has not already been allocated to the propagated funds) instead of 
simply remaining at $0.

Have a bug you’d like to see featured as an Acquisitions Bug of the 
Month?  Please email a link to the launchpad bug # to 
jennifer.pringle at bc.libraries.coop.

Thank you

Christine Burns
Co-op Support
BC Libraries Cooperative
Ph: 1-888-848-9250

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