[Evergreen-acq] Record Type of Acquisitions Records vs Bibliographic Records

Durrence, April april.durrence at ncdcr.gov
Tue Oct 29 14:42:50 EDT 2019

Hi everyone,

Hoping you can answer a question I ran into while troubleshooting an issue with MARC Batch Import process: What is the difference between selecting a Record Type of Acquisitions Records or selecting Bibliographic Records? What benefits are conferred by using one or the other?
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For context, we just upgraded to 3.3.4 and started cataloging in the web staff client instead of XUL. One of our member libraries previously used Record Type Acquisitions Records with no problem, but I cannot get a file to upload unless I select Bibliographic Records as the record type. Also, we have a default match set for bibliographic records that would apply as the Vandelay default, based on the Default Record Match Set and Upload Default Match Set library settings. But, when the Record Type is Acquisitions Records, there are no match set options available (nothing in dropdown list). I have to change the Record Type to Bibliographic Records to be able to select the correct match set (only 1 option in the dropdown list).

When I looked at the option to create a different match set, acquisitions doesn't show up in the Match Set Type list.
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Any context info or links to documentation would be much appreciated!



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