[Evergreen-acq] Evergreen EDI and SSH servers

Mary Llewellyn mllewell at biblio.org
Fri Sep 27 10:22:26 EDT 2019

Hi all,

I've run into a problem trying to transmit an EDI file to what turned out
to be an SSH server at Rainbow books.

Evergreen documentation indicates the EDI account can connect to the
following hosts:
FTP/SFTP/SSH hostname - vendor assigned

First Rainbow's tech gave me an IP address. Connection refused.
Then they suggested adding ftp:// in front of the host address. Connection

Am I missing something? Are they giving me bad information? Has anyone here
transmitted their EDI through anything else than an FTP server?

I'm so lost!


Mary Llewellyn
Database Manager
Bibliomation, Inc.
24 Wooster Ave.
Waterbury, CT 06708
mllewell at biblio.org
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