[Evergreen-acq] Needs discussion bug

Tiffany Little tlittle at georgialibraries.org
Tue Aug 18 21:18:12 EDT 2020

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to draw attention to this bug:

It specifically sprang from partner testing on Acquisitions Search, but it
really deals with how Angular grids should work. Lifted from Andrea's bug

"[..] the select all checkbox will select all items currently visible. If
you move to the next page of results, the checkbox still shows as selected
but no items are actually selected."

Even if you're not specifically able to test Angular Acquisitions Search,
it would be of benefit to know--how would *you* expect a Select All
checkbox to work? Should it persist between pages, as in Andrea's example?

If you're not a Launchpad user or don't feel comfortable posting, feel free
to respond directly to me and I will post a response for you.

Thanks for checking it out!

Tiffany Little, PINES Services Specialist: Acquisitions


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