[Evergreen-acq] Fiscal Calendar Setting

Jennifer Pringle jennifer.pringle at bc.libraries.coop
Tue Nov 17 16:18:07 EST 2020

Hi all,

Is anyone using the Fiscal Calendar setting in Administration ->  
Server Administration -> Organizational Units? (We're running 3.5)   
Does it change how the fiscal year displays in funds in acquisitions?

If you have it working, what did you need to do to get options in the  
drop down menu?  We currently only have "Default" and as far as I can  
tell there's no way to set additional options in the client currently.

We have libraries on January-December and March-April fiscal calendars  
so I'd love to be able to specify that for them.


Jennifer Pringle
Co-op Support - Training Lead
BC Libraries Cooperative
Tel: 1-888-848-9250
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Website: http://bc.libraries.coop

Gratefully acknowledging that I live and work in the unceded  
Traditional Territory of the St'at'yemc Nations.

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