[Evergreen-acq] Settings on Load MARC Order Records

Tiffany Little tlittle at georgialibraries.org
Thu May 27 13:36:45 EDT 2021

Hi everyone,

I was so glad to "see" everyone at the AIG meeting this morning! I thought
it was a really good discussion; if only we had 2 hours to talk instead of
one. :D

When we were talking about the Angular Load MARC Order Records page, I
found it interesting that several people said that they don't need and
don't want to show the Activate PO and/or the Load Items for Imported
Records ticky boxes.

Does anyone actually use these options? Considering the discussion about
the pitfalls you can fall into when using them, is there a reason to keep
them at all?

I'm not proposing to remove them from the Angularized page right now--I am
fully on board with the "just get it out of Dojo first!" philosophy--but I
think these page redesigns present a good opportunity to talk about whether
we should keep things or not. (See: our discussion on selection lists a few
months ago.)

I think a lot of times we think about features that we *don't* have that we
need, but every once in a while it's good to revisit what we *do* have and
see if we *should* have it. :) With a beast like Acquisitions, it's great
that there's so much flexibility, but we've talked about how that can be
really confusing for new users. So if none of our current users are using
these features, maybe they should be removed to streamline Acq a little
more for the benefit of both current users as well as users to come.


Having said all that, I'm not pushing for it either way. I'm just
interested in discussion about it.


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