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Brown, Courtney courtney.brown at ncdcr.gov
Wed Dec 14 12:02:27 EST 2022

Thank you for your response, Jennifer! This is very helpful. I'll get a Bug created and begin researching possible resolutions in 3.10. 

Thanks again,

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Hi Courtney,

I can replicate what you're seeing on our system running 3.9.0+(we've got a bunch of backported fixes).  I can replicate it in both Chrome and Firefox so I suspect it's an issue with Evergreen not the browser.
  I recommend reporting this as a bug to Launchpad.

I suspect this issue will be resolved in 3.10 with the PO/line item port to angular but definitely something that should be tested as 3.10 test servers come available.

Hope this helps,


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> Good Morning,
> Has anyone experienced issues with line-item worksheets printing on 
> separate pages after completing recent Chrome updates? We've recently 
> received the following inquiry from a system within the Cardinal 
> consortium and wanted to see if anyone else has run into these issues.  
> We are currently using Evergreen 3-9-1 . Any feedback is greatly 
> appreciated.
> "After the recent Chrome update, line-item worksheets accessed from 
> the Acquisitions Search page in Evergreen are printing with the 
> worksheet on one page and the buttons at the top (Open in New Window 
> and Refresh) on a separate page. They weren't printing separately 
> before the update. I have printing preferences set to ignore blank 
> pages, but the page with the buttons prints in addition to the 
> worksheet.
> If I click "Open in New Window," the buttons do not appear, and I can 
> print the page like I did prior to the Chrome update. (This would be 
> an extra step in a workflow where I'm printing hundreds of worksheets 
> a week, so I'd like to avoid this step.)
> When opened from Acquisitions Search, my normal workflow, the 
> worksheet's link is 
> https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://henderson.nccardinal.org/eg/staff/
> acq/legacy/lineitem/worksheet/869208__;!!HYmSToo!cH40V7VhkmpXUzGrG_M6Padr-Ptan1-vcQA41phDNl_8P9Yg_gsNDUhmENIaq1wahhhtbRQP8voTLjtgbdAbAV4sAN0yUFhwpjD8LV2OYgXR$ . The link for the worksheet opened with "Open in New Window" is https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://henderson.nccardinal.org/eg/acq/lineitem/worksheet/869208__;!!HYmSToo!cH40V7VhkmpXUzGrG_M6Padr-Ptan1-vcQA41phDNl_8P9Yg_gsNDUhmENIaq1wahhhtbRQP8voTLjtgbdAbAV4sAN0yUFhwpjD8Lc8GVHbO$ ."
> [cid:image001.png at 01D90E05.18646BC0]
> Warm Regards,
> Courtney Brown

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