[Evergreen-general] Uninstalling XUL Client through Command Prompt

Jason Boyer JBoyer at equinoxOLI.org
Mon Apr 26 12:30:55 EDT 2021

Hi John, he may have better luck passing the /S switch to the uninstaller (has to be upper case). That prevents it from asking any questions or even having an interface. Sometimes just trying to show a window is enough to knock out an application being run remotely like this.


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> On Apr 26, 2021, at 12:12 PM, John Amundson <jamundson at cwmars.org> wrote:
> Hello!
> I have a fairly unique request from one of our library systems, and staff internally are not able to help.
> I am hoping someone out there might be.
> We recently removed XUL client access to our Evergreen instance. We recommend to our libraries that they should remove the XUL client program completely from their computers so that staff are not tempted and denied.
> One of our larger library systems has many computers to update. Their head of IT wanted to know if it was possible to uninstall the XUL client through the Command Prompt (Windows) to speed up the process.
> He tried evoking the uninstall program, but it didn't work. He was wondering if there was a special parameter or path to take to get this work.
> This is beyond me at this point, and I do not have any tips or suggestions to give. So I'm opening it up to the floor...
> Thanks!
> John
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