[Evergreen-general] Encrypted SIP2

Gragg, Wendell E WGragg at bryantx.gov
Tue Jan 5 09:05:06 EST 2021

Hi all.  I haven't posted in a while, but we are still in the process of evaluating ILS systems and our city IT department is balking at one thing, SIP2 being plain text.  Apparently, one vendor, TLC claims they have an encryption solution for SIP2, but I question whether it actually works or not, and TLC is another proprietary system, which we are trying to avoid.

I have been trying to research SIP2 a bit more and am not finding a lot of information about security issues with it.  I'm also trying to find out if anyone in the Evergreen community has worked with encrypting SIP2 messages, at least sensitive information like passwords and user barcodes.

Is this even possible in Evergreen and has it caused any problems with outside vendors like OCLC or Envisionware?

I would like to find this out because I fear that our city IT is going to force us into an ILS we really don't want.


Wendell Gragg, MSIS
Automation Services Supervisor
Bryan+College Station Public Library System
Bryan, TX

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