[Evergreen-general] Supercat: shelving location filters

Chauncey chauncey at yourcl.org
Thu Jan 14 17:03:45 EST 2021

Brilliant.  Perhaps those two IDs were not the best example, but I tried it with two locations with much newer items and was able to retrieve both.
Many thanks!

On 1/14/21 4:28 PM, Daniel Wells wrote:
> Yes, you just need to specify the name for both parameters, i.e. https://sunbury.cool-cat.org/opac/extras/browse/mods3/item-age/OH0210/16/100?copyLocation=104&copyLocation=127
> In your test locations, the Mobile Hotspot is much older than many items in Location 104, so it doesn't show up in your result list until somewhere in the 1500s, but it is there (as illustrated with the link above).
> Dan
> On Thu, Jan 14, 2021 at 3:24 PM Chauncey <chauncey at yourcl.org <mailto:chauncey at yourcl.org>> wrote:
>     Using Supercat, is there a way to filter on more than one location?  I'm trying to retrieve recent records from several shelving locations at once.  I've tried adding more than one location ID to the location limiter (e.g., https://sunbury.cool-cat.org/opac/extras/browse/mods3/item-age/OH0210/1/10?copyLocation=104&127), but have yet to find a successful solution.
>     Thanks in advance.
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