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Hi Kendra,

The org selector does not assume the organizations are part of your system
since it really doesn't know what a system is, that is just a label we
humans put on it.  Indeed, Evergreen can support a lot of organizational
schemes so all it knows is that you are all part of one big tree of
organizational units.  One part of a consortium may use a two-tiered setup
(system and branch) while another could use a four-tiered (local
consortium, system, branch, sub-branches).  So, when you type it is just
matching based on name, nothing more.

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> Why--when you type certain letters into the system for libraries does it
> list libraries as if they are associated? Such as--my colleague typed in a
> "b," and the system showed our library as part of the Butler Public system.
> We are Osage Beach library, which is part of Camden County Library systems.
> *Kendra A. Purtle*
> Branch manager, Osage Beach branch
> Camden County Library District
> 1064 Gutridge Lane
> Osage Beach, MO 65065
> Phone (573)348-3282
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