[Evergreen-general] The Conference in Video part 3

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Thank you Rogan for getting all this done, I am sure it is appreciated by one and all…


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Grow Your Own Evergreen! Exploring, Hacking, and Testing On Your Very Own Test System https://youtu.be/Xla4BRa8SPc
Building Our Collage: How Evergreen’s Documentation Works https://youtu.be/uY98g4OCny4
From Pandemics to Power Outages: How Evergreen Can Help Libraries Handle Closings with Grace https://youtu.be/PSNNNhMi_ZY
STAFF_CHR: Standing Penalties and Group Penalty Thresholds https://youtu.be/JjcRQPFtdRQ
Welcome to Evergreen! https://youtu.be/kOQiLQuo4XA
Train up Catalogers in the Way They Should Go — Rethinking Permissions, Education, and Certification https://youtu.be/7-UWfm9CRpY
Resource Sharing Using Geolocation in North Carolina https://youtu.be/ESuOQgcg1jM
Unpredictability is the New Predictability: Evergreen Serials Module Walkthrough https://youtu.be/aZIZOTwT9bU
The First Year https://youtu.be/2pjp-MdrYNQ
Acquisitions Workflow Roundtable https://youtu.be/NHqJ418UmCo
Intro to Launchpad https://youtu.be/rhE3L7WSpIs
Beyond the Stand Alone Bib https://youtu.be/u_vWRhlu5DY
Let’s Take a Spin! Using Carousels in Your Library https://youtu.be/dpTnPUlhvyk
2021 Conference Closing Remarks and Development Update https://youtu.be/XDcfUXTxsNo

This concludes our videos from the 2021 conference, they are now all on Youtube with the exception of a single one that I am having some technical issues with but I decided to not let it hold the release of the others up.  I will post it in a few days.

Rogan Hamby (he/him/his), MLIS

Data and Project Analyst

Equinox Open Library Initiative

rogan.hamby at equinoxOLI.org<mailto:rogan.hamby at equinoxOLI.org>


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