[Evergreen-general] Batch delete?

Garry Collum gcollum at hotmail.com
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Hi Kate,

There is an existing launchpad bug pertaining to this.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/evergreen/+bug/1784412

The only way I have found to move a list of known TCNs into a bucket is after they have been overlaid.  So in theory, you could export these records, re-import them, and then send the queue to a bucket.  This is sort of what I do when I remove e-records, but I’m re-importing edited records.


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I have an isolated list of TCNs that I want to batch delete. Without going to the "back end" (i.e. SysAdmin stuff), any advice on how to do this? There's GOT to be away to get these into a bucket or something?

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