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Millissa Macomber millissam at burlingtonwa.gov
Mon May 17 11:31:04 EDT 2021

I ran into this same issue when looking for items. It seems to work for patrons when they search through the OPAC but on the staff client we get a bunch of extra results that don't fit the criteria. ESI is working with me on it to see if there is an existing bug or if we need to create one.

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I don't believe you need the asterisk. Leaving that field blank should be sufficient.

But also...

My understanding is that we can't rely on the OPAC to return all results when many items match the criteria—for that you need to run a report. Unless the collection is very small, limiting to a shelving location and not providing any keywords will likely result in items missing from the returned results. Someone please correct me if I am wrong—I'd love to be wrong about this—but we ran into this same problem years ago and this is what we were told at that time.

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On Thu, May 13, 2021 at 11:57 AM Simone Rauscher <srauscher at grimsby.ca<mailto:srauscher at grimsby.ca>> wrote:

Hi everyone,

Kendra’s question made me think of something else I have been wondering about. I’m working in 3.6, and I’m finding the search filters in the staff client Catalog Keyword Search are not working for me the way I thought they would. Particularly, searching by shelving location or “All Copy Locations”.

As an example, When I try to look up all the items we have in our French Language collection. I go to the filter options and in “All copy locations” and select “French Language (GRIMSBY)”, put a * in the search field and press enter.

This I would think should bring up all the records that have copies attached with the Shelving Location of “French Language (GRIMSBY)”, but I get a bunch of a results that do not meet these parameters. Bibs with no items attached, random DVDs, video games etc. I’ve tried to choose “French” under the “All Languages”, but they just gives me a different set of random results.

Is there a trick I am missing? Maybe I can’t use * to do a blanket type search like this? Basically I’d like to be able to look up every title I have in a specific collection without having to run a report. Any tips? Anyone know of any bugs? Thanks!


Simone Rauscher
Cataloguing and Collections Coordinator
srauscher at grimsby.ca<mailto:srauscher at grimsby.ca>

Grimsby Public Library

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