[Evergreen-general] Printing Line Item Worksheet after recent Chrome Updates

Brown, Courtney courtney.brown at ncdcr.gov
Mon Dec 12 08:45:31 EST 2022

Good Morning,

Has anyone experienced issues with line-item worksheets printing on separate pages after completing recent Chrome updates? We've recently received the following inquiry from a system within the Cardinal consortium and wanted to see if anyone else has run into these issues.  We are currently using Evergreen 3-9-1 . Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

"After the recent Chrome update, line-item worksheets accessed from the Acquisitions Search page in Evergreen are printing with the worksheet on one page and the buttons at the top (Open in New Window and Refresh) on a separate page. They weren't printing separately before the update. I have printing preferences set to ignore blank pages, but the page with the buttons prints in addition to the worksheet.

If I click "Open in New Window," the buttons do not appear, and I can print the page like I did prior to the Chrome update. (This would be an extra step in a workflow where I'm printing hundreds of worksheets a week, so I'd like to avoid this step.)

When opened from Acquisitions Search, my normal workflow, the worksheet's link is https://henderson.nccardinal.org/eg/staff/acq/legacy/lineitem/worksheet/869208. The link for the worksheet opened with "Open in New Window" is https://henderson.nccardinal.org/eg/acq/lineitem/worksheet/869208."

[cid:image001.png at 01D90E05.18646BC0]

Warm Regards,
Courtney Brown
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