[Evergreen-general] Stripe and OPAC Payments

John Amundson jamundson at cwmars.org
Wed Dec 14 09:39:59 EST 2022


This is a question for those using Stripe for payment processing in the

We have found that if a computer is locked down and given access just to
our OPAC URL, eCommerce payments are not possible, and the credit card form
does not display.

We have one library that wants to allow payments on OPAC-only computers but
not have them fully open to the internet. We suggested allowing the entire
*.stripe.com domain through. The library was not comfortable allowing the
full domain, so I suggested adding the 30 or so domain names that Stripe
suggests - https://stripe.com/docs/ips.

The library's town IT department is still not comfortable allowing that
many domain names and wants to limit it just to the "few" that are

This is not my wheelhouse, so hopefully someone out there can help.

Do you use Stripe for payment processing? Have you had scenarios like the
one described above? And if so, do you know which domain names Stripe uses
with Evergreen's integration?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can spare!


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