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Galen Charlton gmc at equinoxoli.org
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I did some more poking around. First, a bit more information can be found
in the description of the bug for adding circ limits and circ limit groups:


I then did some testing. As Jennifer surmised, the limit groups can be
checked when counting up loans to see if the limit has been reached. But
how do you know what limit group an existing loan is associated with? That
gets set when the loan is created if the matchpoint used to allow the loan
specifies a limit set with one or more groups attached to it (and the limit
set to limit group mapping isn't set to "check only").

Here's an example I worked through. Suppose that you don't want a patron to
check out more than one musical score at a time, but your circ modifier
and/or shelving location structure doesn't give you a way to identify
scores at the point of checkout.

What you could do (and this worked in my test system) is:

- create a limit group called "Musical scores" or the like
- create a limit set that allows up to 2 active loans and associate the new
limit group with it
- create a circulation policy that matches on MARC Type = Notated Music
- start checking out items from bibs whose Leader/06 is 'c'. Assuming no
more specific policies matched the loans, you'll only be able to check out
two before hitting the limit.

The limit groups that are associated with a loan are stored in the database
table action.circulation_limit_group_map. That table is not in the IDL,
unfortunately, and can't be used as a reporting source, though it is
available to direct SQL reports.

It looks like that limit groups could be used (or abused?) in conjunction
with limit sets that don't actually set a limit as a way to tag loans based
on the circ policy that applied at the time of the loan. However, due to
bug 1180100, such a use might not not play well with also using limit sets
to, well, limit.



On Fri, May 20, 2022 at 3:09 PM Jennifer Weston via Evergreen-general <
evergreen-general at list.evergreen-ils.org> wrote:

> Hi Jennifer,
> There is a new tab in Local Admin > Circulation Limit *Sets*
> Create a new limit set.  Open the new limit set or edit an existing one.
> This only works after the limit set is created.
> When you open the limit set to edit, there are now 2 tabs: "Edit
> Circulation Limit Set" and "Edit Linked Entities".
> Click on the second one, "Edit Linked Entities"
> Here you can apply Linked Limit *Groups* -- see screenshot below.
> Presumably, the Items Out limit applied to the Circulation Limit *Set*
> will consider the Linked Limit *Group* if a group is added here in
> addition to linked circ mods and locations.
> I have not personally tested this is in a while so I would be curious to
> see how it behaves.
> I do not see this documented anywhere.  One more for the needs doc list!
> [image: image.png]
> Best,
> Jennifer W.
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> On Fri, May 20, 2022 at 2:21 PM Jennifer Pringle via Evergreen-general <
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>> Hello,
>> Does anyone use the Circulation Limit Groups and can shed some light
>> on how they work?  (This is the Circulation Limit Groups found under
>> Server Administration, not the Circulation Limit Sets found under
>> Local Administration.)
>> I've looked at both the dojo and angularjs interfaces for Circulation
>> Limit Groups in 3.7 and 3.9.  I can create a group with a name and
>> description which I can then use in the Circulation Limit Sets but I'm
>> assuming there's a piece missing where I need to tell Evergreen what
>> the group should actually limit.
>> The most I could find in the docs was:
>> https://docs.evergreen-ils.org/eg/docs/latest/admin_initial_setup/borrowing_items.html#_circulation_limit_sets
>> https://docs.evergreen-ils.org/eg/docs/latest/admin/circulation_limit_groups.html
>> Thanks,
>> Jennifer
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