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Erica Rohlfs erica.rohlfs at equinoxoli.org
Thu May 26 09:00:30 EDT 2022

Good Morning Terri,

I've observed this behavior in the past (it's been a while), and I know it
can be an intermittent issue. There are a few known bugs related to this
issue (and depending upon which portion of the interface you are
interacting with when it occurs), showing that their fixes have been
released (listed below). When your pull list duplicates again, I recommend
that you contact Support and work directly with them to assist in

Pull list shows multiple rows for same hold/copy

Return of the duplicated holds list

Thank You,

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> All of a sudden our pull list is showing the list in double or even
> triple! Anyone else seeing this suddenly?
> I have restarted the computers.
> Terri Moser
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