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Hi Jennifer

Thank you. So far, I did find that the Record ID link doesn't seem to be working so I'll submit that as a bug.  I'm a little confused with the process in general so if anyone else is interested in digging into with me I'd be happy to work with them.  Perhaps we could update some of the documentation in the process. 

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Hello Elizabeth,

I have no tips or best practices with the Link Checker to offer but I'd be very interested if you'd be willing to share what you learn.

We looked at the link checker in 2019 (I think on EG 3.3) and found it wasn't scoping the results for us.  So if we did a search at LIBRARY A we'd get Overdrive URLS listed for all 50+ libraries that have 856s on our Overdrive records which made it pretty unusable for us. (I tried to run a test just now in 3.9 to confirm what we saw but I'm getting errors so not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if there's a new

I thought we'd reported the results scoping issue as a bug but I'm not seeing it so I think we moved onto the next thing in our upgrade testing intending to come back to the link checker and never did.

I did find a bug for the angularization of the link checker that King County and Equinox are doing:  


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> Hello
> Does anyone have any tips/best practices on using the Link Checker?   
> I've gotten searches to work, but when looking at say a vendor like 
> Overdrive, I may end up with 1,000's of links to check.
> Thanks!
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