[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Questions from a student

Linda R lindamarcella at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 11 23:13:35 EDT 2006


I'm just passing through your open-ils.org website and
email list.  I'm a student in library school doing a
report on open source ILSs.  So far, your ILS seems it
will be the largest open source ILS, which is quite
remarkable!  I have a few questions.

I've seen a few mentions of your project in articles. 
Are there any papers or articles about it?

Will patrons be able to search for and reserve
interlibrary loan books from other participating
counties' libraries online through your OPAC?

On your FAQ, it says you use postgreSQL.  I was
wondering, why did you choose it instead of other
databases, say, for example, MySQL?  Do you know how
it compares to the scalability of other databases?

I tried your OPAC demo, which seems to work well, but
did not download your staff client.  The staff client
seems not to be a web application, i.e., it does not
run in the browser.  Just curious, why did you choose
this design instead of a web application?

Does Evergreen implement MARC compliance and the
Z39.50 protocol?

Your FAQ says the reason you developed this ILS
in-house was for customizability:  "The major
advantage of developing our own ILS is that we have
complete control over the functionality of the system
... This cannot be said for any vendor-developed
product currently on the marketplace."

What was your commercial ILS that Evergreen will
replace?  What desired features did commercial ILSs

Sorry for all the questions!

Thank you very much in advance,

SJSU SLIS student

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