[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Hosted Applications?

Dan Scott denials at gmail.com
Fri Jul 27 14:36:06 EDT 2007

On 27/07/07, Laureen Marchand <laureen.marchand at usask.ca> wrote:
> This is an Evergreen for Dummies question. I am a newly-interested possible
> Evergreen client, but my library consortium is very small, and we can't do
> support or self-hosting. Can someone direct me to vendors who might do that?
> Thanks.

Hi Laureen:

That isn't a dummies question at all; I'm sure there are lots of
people wondering that.

There are two companies that I'm aware of that currently offer support
and hosting services for Evergreen:

* Equinox (http://esilibrary.com/esi/services.html) - this company was
formed by the team that originally developed the bulk of Evergreen for
Georgia PINES. Equinox has also been selected to provide install
services and support for BC PINES, and the company's developers are
very active on the open-ils-dev and open-ils-general mailing lists.

* LibLime (http://liblime.com/products/evergreen) - perhaps best known
for their work with Koha, LibLime was contracted to do some
development work (the SIP2 self-checkout client, I believe) for
Evergreen by Georgia PINES.

Slightly off-topic aside to the maintainers of the open-ils.org FAQ,
it says to inquire on the mailing list for information about
commercial support of Evergreen -- shouldn't that answer just provide
a list of links to the various companies offering commercial support?
After a while, as the interest in Evergreen grows, it might be
tiresome to answer this question too often -- and isn't that the point
of an FAQ? Compare to http://www.postgresql.org/support/, actually,
which recognizes that support will be such a FAQ that they dedicate a
whole section to it... Maybe we should change "Mailing lists" to
"Support" in the header and follow the PostgreSQL approach...

Dan Scott

(P.S. Hello to another fellow Canadian!)

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