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Thu Mar 22 20:54:07 EDT 2007

Hey Paul.  You have some good questions, and I'm sure there's other
interest.  I've forked the thread (the topic has changed, after all).
If you have any further questions or follow up, please don't hesitate
to respond on-list!

On 3/22/07, Paul Bartell <paul.bartell at> wrote:
> Well, im a kid that is interested in computers (Open source
> especially), and want to try and get my school library using
> Evergreen. I would be interested to know weather it would be the best
> choice for a small library like this. (~450 patrons).
-- This really depends on your other requirements and the capabilities
of your administrators'.  If you're well capable and need/want the
features of an enterprise-grade ILS without the cost, Evergreen will
probably be a good fit (note: I should mention that there are vendors'
whom you can contract with to support Evergreen if need be).

> and how people
> would be able to print barcodes,
-- I don't recall if Evergreen has a barcode printing functionality
built-in yet.  There are many third-party suppliers whom you can
purchase pre-made barcodes from.  You would simply attach a barcode to
the item, and then attach this barcode number to the item record in
the ILS.

> and how you can assign a book a new
> barcode, when it gets worn out.
-- This is EXTREMELY easy (provided the person has the privileges to
do so).  Simply edit the item record and change the barcode number.

> Also would it be possible to not have
> to re enter all the data about how many of each book they have.(im not
> a big fan of data entry)
This depends on your current system.  Even if your current system
can't export the items' into a standard format, there are vendors' out
there who will convert your non-standard export into a standard format
(shucks... I forget what the term is right now... It'll come to me
just after I hit send!).

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