[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] 226 subscribers

William Denton wtd at pobox.com
Thu Mar 22 21:39:58 EDT 2007

I'm here because I'm interested in seeing how Evergreen comes along. 
Back in 2001 I decided to catalogue my home library and installed Koha, 
but it wasn't to my taste, so I wrote my own small system.  Now, for fun 
and the experience, I've been thinking of moving up to a full ILS, and I 
might try Evergreen.  (Might try Koha again too.)

People, including another FreeBSD user, have been ironing out some 
cross-platform bugs on the dev list, and when it looks a little easier I 
may give it a go.  It'd be nice someday to have both Evergreen and Koha in 
the FreeBSD ports system (a very easy way of installing software that's 
not part of the base OS).

William Denton, Toronto : miskatonic.org : frbr.org : openfrbr.org

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