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Jason Stephenson jstephenson at mailserv.mvlc.lib.ma.us
Fri Mar 23 08:56:20 EDT 2007


I am another "Horizon refugee" of sorts.

I am at the Merrimack Valley Library Consortium in Massachusetts. We 
serve a consortium of 35 public libraries with 37 locations.

We have been discussing looking at Evergreen since December and the 
recent announcement by Sirsi/Dynix regarding the cancellation of Horizon 
8 has put some new urgency to that investigation. We are currently on 
Horizon 7.3.4.

I'm still working on getting Evergreen running. I've got a lot of other 
duties, so its going slowly. I hope to have the server end of things 
working today and start looking at putting data from our live database 
into it on Monday.

Like Gary, I think its nice to see some familiar names on the list. :)

Assistant Director for Technology Services
Merrimack Valley Library Consortium

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