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Greg Barniskis gregb at scls.lib.wi.us
Fri Mar 23 10:25:32 EDT 2007

David J. Fiander wrote:
> Greg Barniskis wrote:
>> Count me among the former "Future Operators of Horizon Brand 
>> Architecture" (FOOHBAR) who have recently subscribed to be better 
> One minor nit.  Shouldn't that be "Future Former Operators of Horizon 
> Brand Architecture" (FFOOHBAR)?

Actually, no. "Future Former" would indicate that we have Horizon 
now and would later not. Instead, we've stubbornly held on to the 
one system that actually has all the functionality required by our 
consortium -- the state of the art Dynix Classic ILS. And I don't 
mean that sarcastically, it's still the best in terms of overall 

Horizon 8.x held out the promise to come close enough that we had 
signed a contract to be "Future Operators" of it. And now, that's 
our former state. =)

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