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Hi Everyone,
I'm Vijay, I first read about Evergreen on slashdot ages ago. I was working
as a Saturday assistant (whilst studying for my degree) at the local public
Library at the time, so I bookmarked the story as I was interested in moving
from the area I was studying in (Software Engineering) to a career in
Library and Information systems.

I finished my degree recently got a new job and now work for a local college
library (or Learning Resource Centre as we're supposed to call it), where we
are in a period of flux, and there is a lot changing; despite being a lowly
library assistant we have a good middle management and they are open to

As you can probably already tell, I've always been interested in FOSS, and
when I found out that a manager was interested in FOSS projects, and that we
are moving some systems to FOSS based solutions, I mailed him a link to
Evergreen. I took this opportunity to  join the mailing list  (yes, I
literally joined today),  so I could  find out more about  it and see if
there are reasons, besides cost and idealism, to switch and to resolve
issues that may stop a switch.

For example, a big sticking point would be support, I appreciate that there
is a lot of community support, but the FAQ only mentions "proper" support in
passing, and as we are UK, as opposed to US based is any available here?


> Hi folks,
> >
> > You know, there are 226 subscribers to this list. That's really
> amazing.
> > So, anyone care to break the ice and introduce themselves? It's
> awfully
> > quiet in here. I'm sure someone has something more interesting to say
> > than I do. :)
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