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Shawn Boyette sboyette at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 23:21:57 EDT 2007

It's all a huge crossover for me, but that's how I like it.
Interdisciplinarianism rules.

I've done a lot of things throughout my 11 year professional career in
IT, but most of it can be lumped under "programmer" or "unix
sysadmin". I've written a decent amount of decent code which has been
released under Free licenses. I'm also an amateur cook, historian,
photographer, and pro wrestling fan.

I've loved books my entire life. I've found that, as a rule, really
good programmers will be highly literate people. For nearly a decade
now, my personal projects have revolved mostly around documents and
systems to manage them. Trying to gain insight into these systems was
how I started trying to learn about library science I first learned
about Evergreen from the same /. posting mentioned by several others.
I was fascinated both as a book nerd and a native Georgian, who
couldn't believe anyone in this state was doing something so good, so

This also led to me falling in with a group of disreputable online
hooligans/library technologists and becoming somewhat steeped in the
culture thereof. In the past year I made several serious efforts (to
no avail) to actually attain employment at a university library. This
is probably all for the best, as my views on most things are radical
from both the traditional library AND the traditional computer-person
points of view.

I continue to watch the Evergreen project with fondness and enjoy
basking in its reflected glow. One day I'll get around to buying the
guys a beer.

Shawn Boyette
<sboyette at gmail.com>

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