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Jason Etheridge jasone at
Mon Mar 26 02:07:54 EDT 2007

> Look forward to hearing from ya'll. If no one speaks up, I'll be forced
> to resort to more devious measures, such as singing karaoke.

I happen to be in range of Brad's singing some of the time, so I best
introduce myself.  My name is Jason Etheridge, and I'm here because
I'm an Evergreen developer, an open source advocate, and yes, a

I've been fascinated with computers and technology since elementary
school, and grew up in a world of TSR-80's, Color Computer II's,
Commodore 64's, Apple II's, and PCjr's.   I'm relatively young, though
I do remember typewriters. :-)  Before I graduated from high school, I
was writing games for friends in Turbo Pascal and was heavily into the
BBS and Fidonet scene.

During the first semester at my university, I was introduced to the
wonderful world of Unix (and its programming culture), and of course,
the Internet.  Before then, I had no idea that I had been missing so
much, and even then, I quickly took for granted what we're witnessing
now, and that's the ease at which the Internet allows communities to
form, and software to be developed.

This is me, the open source advocate talking now, and I'm leaving the
realm of introduction and hijacking the thread for my own purposes.  I
can't help it.  :-)  Natasha, you mentioned that you weren't sure you
had anything to contribute to Evergreen development, but you already
have.  Even if you're just a curious observer or a critic, you help
give us momentum and give us things to think about.  Every little bit
of help counts and is much appreciated. With this in mind, I'd like to
name some names and offer thanks to some of the folks outside of PINES
(because the folks within PINES are too numerous to name right now)
who have helped us in ways large and small.

I'd like to thank: Joe Atzberger, Marcel Berteler, Harry Bochner,
Zbigniew Bomert, Shawn Boyette, Daniel Chudnov, DeWitt Clinton, Gary
Collum, Edward Corrado, Karen Coyle, John Craig, David Dorman, Nathan
Eady, Pat Eyler, Joshua Ferraro, Carl Feucht, David Fiander, Joshua
Daniel Franklin, Cory Fuchs, Tony Garnock-Jones, Jonathan Glass, Chris
Hammond,  Sari Harris, Stephen Hedges, Gene Heskett, Jeff Hubbs,
George Jempty, Christopher Jowaisas, Doug Kennedy, Kevin Kierans,
James P. Kinney III, Doug Kyle, Eric Lesage, Dan Lewis, Grace Liu,
Chuck McCallum, Scott McKellar, Don McMorris, Matthew Metzger, S. K.
Murphy, Solomon Negash, Cristobal M. Palmer, Rene Paquin, Mike Reavy,
Mickaël Rémond, Jonathan Rochkind, Art Rhyno, Karen Schneider, Dan
Scott, Ross Singer, Kirk Spencer, Jason Stephenson, Josh Stompro, Ed
Summers, Sudhir Thakur, and Jonathan Weber.

Thanks!  And my apologies if you should be in this list but aren't.
Let me know.  And if you don't know why I'm thanking you, let me know
also and I'll tell you why!

Jason Etheridge
GPLS -- PINES Development

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