[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Can Evergreen be used as a stand-alone Resource Discovery environment?

Pascal Vincent Calarco pcalarco at nd.edu
Tue Mar 4 12:27:57 EST 2008

Hi folks --

Hopefully this hasn't been asked a lot before on the list; I scanned the 
threads in the archive and didn't see anything obvious, so here goes.

We have a small, four-library consortium that is looking for a separate 
resource discovery environment to supplement our existing Aleph 18.01 
ILS.  We aren't looking for a replacement ILS at this point.  Other 
solutions we are evaluating include VUFind, Primo, Endeca, Encore, 
Koha.  What is not obvious from looking at the Evergreen information 
that is available is whether it is easy to strip off the indexing engine 
and the web interface, and feed Evergreen a variety of MARC, DC, and 
other data.

Has anyone tried this, how hard is it, and any other information you 
might suggest is most welcome. 

Many thanks in advance!

  - pascal

Pascal V. Calarco, MLIS
Head, Library Systems
University Libraries of Notre Dame/
Michiana Academic Library Consortium
Notre Dame, IN USA 46556-5629 
tel.: 574-631-3409  fax: 574-631-6772

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