[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Copies editor templates--renaming or management

Bryan Baldus bryan.baldus at quality-books.com
Tue Mar 18 18:22:41 EDT 2008

When doing Holdings Maintenance, in the Copies editor, if I have an
exported file of templates exported from a library, I would like to be
able to import these templates into my account and then easily rename
each of the templates (for example, to change the name from a generic
ADULT to [name of library]ADULT, so we can keep track of whose template
it is). From what I can tell, the only way to do this from within
Evergreen is to go into the Copies editor, apply the template I want to
rename, save that template with a new name, and then delete the old
template. Doing this could result in the templates being modified if I
forget to reset after applying before moving to the next template to
rename. Also, sometimes saving the file doesn't appear to take
place--the drop-down menu refreshes, but the new template does not
appear on the list. When deleting, it sometimes takes at least 2 times
clicking Delete, acknowledging the delete, and repeating before the old
template disappears.

Suggested improvements would be:

-A way to edit Copies editor templates without having to go through the
Holdings maintenance screen (creating a dummy volume and copy in the
process, which then has to be deleted).
-A way to quickly and easily rename Copies editor templates (without
creating a new and deleting the old; without editing the templates file
manually before importing).

Are these on the to-do list (or could they be placed there, please), or
are they unlikely to be used by others, or have I missed an easier way
to accomplish my goal?

Thank you for your assistance,

Bryan Baldus
Quality Books Inc.
The Best of America's Independent Presses
bryan.baldus at quality-books.com

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