[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] General Questions

Laura Long laura at marshallpublib.org
Mon Mar 24 17:15:29 EDT 2008

Hi everyone -

My name is Laura Long, and I work at a small public library in Missouri.
We have been looking at various ILS recently, and are very impressed with
Evergreen. But we do have some questions, and I was hoping someone could
answer them. For informational purposes, we are using Sirsi-Dynix Unicorn
(we aren't very happy with them and don't want to make the switch to
Symphony, which is why we are looking). None of us are very tech savvy, so
if these are really basic questions, sorry!

1. We currently use Baker & Taylor for cataloging of new book purchases.
We download records from their web site, and then upload them into
Unicorn..I assume this would also be possible with Evergreen, but is the
process simple?

2. We use PCReservations. I noticed in the documentation there's a
document about PCReservations, but it was blank. Does anyone have
experience with this program? Would we need to change from PCReservations
to another application?

3. We would be interested in having a support service to help us with
implementation and upkeep...in the FAQs it said to inquire on the mailing
lists about vendors who offer support, so I am inquiring? Who are the
vendors? Is there an average or approximate cost for support?

4. The help documentation is well done in some areas, but I noticed there
is very little in terms of cataloging. Will there be more information in
the user manual/help documents at some point? Is there someone who could
help with training staff? Is this something a vendor could help us with?

Ok, I think that that is all I can think of right now, although I am sure
as we explore further I will have more questions. Thanks so much for your

Laura Long
Marshall Public Library

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