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Rusudan Tsiskreli tsiskreli at gmail.com
Tue Nov 11 01:19:49 EST 2008

Thank you for respond!
If I understood correctly advantage of evergreen is subscribers management,
isn't it?
there is fixed which subscriber got which book from library.
I was looking at analoge open source software and if I got correctly they
have no such possibility.

On Sun, Nov 9, 2008 at 3:52 AM, Dan Scott <denials at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Rusudan:
> 2008/11/6 Rusudan Tsiskreli <tsiskreli at gmail.com>:
> > Hallo all
> > I want to localize evergreen software and documentation into Georgian
> > language.
> > I have couple questions regarding this issue:
> > 1. does evergreen interface fully support utf-8 coding? (Georgian
> language
> > needs this coding)
> Yes, all of the data in Evergreen is stored internally in UTF-8. The
> staff client and the catalogue interfaces use UTF-8, and all
> translations are stored in UTF-8. You can see an example of the
> Armenian catalogue interface at
> http://dwarf.cs.uoguelph.ca/opac/hy-AM/skin/default/xml/index.xml
> > 2. is there any special group for localizators?
> At this point, no - the Evergreen 1.4 release is the first release
> that will really support localization and we have not hit a critical
> mass of localizators yet. I would suggest that we simply use this list
> for now; if we start flooding this list with messages, then we can
> consider creating a specialized group.
> > 3. Where can I get all po files for evergreen?
> The best place for now is directly from the Subversion repository. You
> can download the current POT files for Evergreen 1.4 from
> http://svn.open-ils.org/trac/ILS/browser/branches/rel_1_4/build/i18n/po/en-US
> (or check them out directly if you're comfortable with Subversion).
> Our goal is to release 1.4 release candidate 2 any day now and declare
> a string freeze to give localizators a chance to catch up before our
> 1.4 release.
> > 4. Is there only documentation available on
> > http://open-ils.org/dokuwiki/doku.php ?
> There was a recent note about documentation at
> http://article.gmane.org/gmane.education.libraries.open-ils.general/654
> and also in the Evergreen newsletter
> (http://article.gmane.org/gmane.education.libraries.open-ils.general/716)
> -- but this part of the project really is in its infancy. Equinox (the
> company) has four contractors writing documentation at the moment, so
> we'll hopefully have some more formal documentation available in the
> next few months.
> >
> > Please answer me.
> My apologies for the delayed response! I'm very much looking forward
> to your contributions and feedback.
> --
> Dan Scott
> Laurentian University

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