[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Re: Evergreen on Ubuntu 8.04 VMWare image available

Dan Scott denials at gmail.com
Thu Oct 2 10:08:04 EDT 2008

Ugh, I just determined that this VMWare image is missing one
dependency that results in the not-so-minor problem of searches from
the catalog not working.

Please note that the release of Evergreen itself is absolutely
fine; this problem is limited to the Ubuntu 8.04 VMWare image that I

I'm going to remove the link to this image from the downloads page
until I have a chance to correct the problem - and my apologies for
anyone who wasted bandwidth or time downloading it over the past week.


2008/9/25 Dan Scott <denials at gmail.com>:
> Hello:
> I've posted a new VMWare image - Evergreen (hot off the
> presses from yesterday) running on Ubuntu 8.04. You can download it
> from http://evergreen-ils.org/downloads.php
> There is no data loaded in the image, so it's a good clean slate for
> testing and experimentation purposes. It also has been built with a
> staff client id of rel_1_2_3_0, so you should be able to connect to it
> using the standard Windows staff client.
> Comments or questions on this image are welcome.
> --
> Dan Scott
> Laurentian University

Dan Scott
Laurentian University

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