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Tue Dec 1 12:34:00 EST 2009

On Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 11:53 AM, Hardy, Elaine
<ehardy at georgialibraries.org> wrote:
> Personally, there are other problems with buckets that are much more
> pressing that I would rather have handled than this.

Hey Elaine,

I'm just sounding folks out, not necessarily committing any of my free
time to development on these things.  The set versus non-set question
came up when we were first implementing buckets; I'd like to see if
conditions have changed.

What sort of problems are you thinking of?

The big one in my mind is that buckets are manipulated locally on the
client side and that's just not scalable past a hundred or so items
the way things are implemented now.  However, there is sponsored work
going on right now for implementing the server-side "meat grinders"
that we always wanted for batch changes on the server-side.  That's

I'd also like to see better mechanisms for sharing and managing
buckets, and an easy way to turn a bucket into a book bag and vice
versa (they're implemented the same way in the database).  I also want
to finish the experiment with the search mechanism embedded in the
record buckets interface.

What I'd _really_ love to see is a way for patrons to "consume"
bookbags that are shared by other patrons.  For example, if I could
pass you a URL for one of my bookbags, and you could magically copy
that into a personal bookbag of your own, that would be awesome.

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