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What version allows scanning into the pending bucket for copy buckets? Our does not (I checked to make sure I hadn't missed it. Especially since I am writing that section of our cat manual). 

It would also be good to be able to scan a barcode into a record bucket. We might not use that as much as in copy buckets, but it could be useful. Streamlining how we get records (copy or title records) into buckets would really help database clean-up efforts. And having the add to record bucket with add to copy bucket would be great (thinking specifically of item status interface). 


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> Easier sharing would be very nice. We would like to be able to rename 
> buckets. We would also like the bucket list, both in the interface and the 
> list of bucket to choose when adding to it, to be in alphabetical order. 

Ah, this would be easy to do. 

> We would like to be able to scan items directly into a bucket. 

This is a direction I was heading with the Copy Bucket interface. You 
can currently scan barcodes into the Pending Area, and move those into 
specific buckets. 

But I want to see a blending of the Item Status and Copy Bucket 
interfaces; something more seamless. 

But what about record buckets? Would it be useful to have an item 
barcode scan populate a record bucket with the associated title? 

Or maybe an Add to Record Bucket next to every instance of the Add to 
Item Bucket menu option which works similarly (uses the item just as 
an entry point for finding the right bib). 

> If you remove items or titles from a bucket, you have to refresh several 
> times in order for them to actually be removed. 

Ah, this was just oversight and due to your databases being 
replicated. We need to make the underlying methods request data from 
the master database, sidestepping replication lag. 

I've added this to the community bug database we're experimenting with: 

Thanks Elaine! 

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