[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] importing batch authority records

Jason Etheridge jason at esilibrary.com
Fri Dec 4 08:47:02 EST 2009


I know very little about processing authority records.  I'd try
finding the smallest test case possible that causes a problem, and
then sharing that with the list.  Try importing just one authority
record and see if that works.  If it doesn't, then there may be
something wrong with the way your EG instance is configured.  If it
does work, but the set of records as a whole does not work, then try
to see if it is a specific record in that set that is causing the
problem.  If it's not easy to determine which record that may be, you
could divide that set into two halves, and keep halving the set that
does not work until you halve things such that there are only two
records left to consider.

Also useful is to watch the logs for the string "ERR" during all of
this activity, and during start-up of Evergreen.  Here's one document
on that strategy:

I hope this helps.

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