[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] introduction and quick database question

Jason Etheridge jason at esilibrary.com
Mon Dec 7 18:43:06 EST 2009

> I don’t see “title” and “author” information anywhere within any of the
> ASSET tables (other than empty “dummy_title” and “dummy_author” fields in
> asset_copy), so I looked to the METABIB table to pull that information.
> However, I am having trouble locating the common identifier to tie the
> tables together when I JOIN them so I can link the appropriate author and
> title information to the individual copies.  I know I must be overlooking
> something obvious, but if someone could give me a quick hint, I would really
> appreciate it!

Hi Jesse,

asset.copy has .call_number, which links to

asset.call_number has .record, which links to

biblio.record_entry has .marc, which contains the entire bib record in MARCXML

But unless you want to use XPATH, that's probably not convenient, so...
that XML has been exploded into

metabib.full_rec has .record, which links back to

and metabib.full_rec has .tag, .subfield, and .value, which can get
you anything you need.

But even more convenient is reporter.materialized_simple_record, which
is based off of reporter.simple_record, which is a large view based on
metabib.full_rec.  It has fields for .title, .author, .publisher,
.pubdate, .isbn and .issn.

reporter.materialized_simple_record has a .id field which corresponds
with the .id field for biblio.record_entry

Does this help?

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