[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Record Merges/Bucket Searches

Lemmer, Catherine clemmer at library.IN.gov
Wed Dec 9 16:12:51 EST 2009

The ability to search the catalog and add the records in the bucket
feature is a great time saver in dealing with record merges! It beats my
idea of a check box next to the records in the staff client catalag
search view.  Evergreen Indiana is using Version 1.6. If it isn't in
Version 1.4, this is a reason to move to Version 1.6--if you lots of
record clean up to do!

Catherine A. Lemmer
Evergreen Indiana Project Coordinator
Phone: 317.234.6536
Fax: 317.232.0002 
clemmer at library.in.gov
More Information: www.in.gov/library/evergreen.htm
OPAC: http://evergreen.lib.in.us

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