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Wed Dec 23 23:43:57 EST 2009

On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 8:54 PM, Jesse Ephraim
<jephraim at roanoketexas.com> wrote:
> We have noticed that patrons are able to renew items even if other
> patrons have placed holds on them.  Does anyone know if that is a
> settings issue, or is it an inherent flaw in Evergreen?


If you're using the script based circ behavior, this is how you can do
something similar.  Specifically, this will block a renewal if the
item is eligible to fill a hold and no other such eligible items are
available for pulling.

In circ_permit_renew.js:

function go() {

/* load the lib script */

log_info("permit_renew searching for potential holds for copy " + copy.barcode)
var hold = copy.fetchBestHold();
if( hold ) {
	log_info("hold found for renewal item, checking hold->usr..");
	if( hold && hold.usr != patron.id )
		return result.events.push('COPY_NEEDED_FOR_HOLD');

} go();


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