[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] strange behavior during record update

Tigran Zargaryan tigran at flib.sci.am
Wed Mar 4 07:32:22 EST 2009

Hello List,
During test cataloging I noticed that after creating the first 
bibliographic record I can update that record as much as I want.
When I create the second bibliographic record (and so on), the system is 
saving those records without any problems. I can search them. When from 
the 'Actions for this Record' drop down menu I am trying to edit those 
records, using 'MARC Edit' option, my changes are not being saved. 
Although after pressing on the 'Save record' button, the system is 
indicating ' Record Successfully Saved'.
Why when I am having more that one Bib. records in my database, my 
changes are not being saved?
We are using Evergreen on Ubuntu 8.0.4.
I noticed that when viewing the record, on the top left side of the 
screen the system is displaying 'Record 1 of 0', which I guess is 
something abnormal.(see attached image).
any help?
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