[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Migrating member created bib records

Janet Schrader jschrader at cwmars.org
Thu Jan 14 14:46:29 EST 2010



I need to know about migrating bib records that were created in our
database (Innovative) by member libraries. We have non-MARC records
which have no MARC fields at all, and brief  MARC records which have
MARC fields but not necessarily all or accurate subfields.


We also have on-the-fly records created by circ staff which vary
considerably to content and MARC fields.


When we migrated from CARL to III we lost all the "temporary" records as
Innovative could not handle them. This was extremely stressful for our
member libraries. I hope the answer is "possible to load all these" so I
do not have tech services staff leaping off the roof. What will we need
to do to migrate all records?





Janet Schrader

Bibliographic Services Supervisor


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Worcester, MA 01606

508-755-3323 ext. 25

fax: 508-757-7801

jschrader at cwmars.org



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