[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Evergreen Reports Module

Anoop Atre anoop.atre at mnsu.edu
Tue Mar 2 12:46:26 EST 2010

Could this be discussed at the conference in April, maybe at one of the
hackfests or is it too late?

There has been talk about report sharing on and off, the last such
conversation created this wiki page:


Using and contributing to that page still needs a knowledge of SQL so
it's not a simple sharing option (still better than nothing).

If anyone with a good list of reports would like to share them I
volunteer to put them up on the page, I will need a dump from your
"reporter.template" table. The page and code might be changed a bit more
to accommodate sub-folders say for circ, patrons, etc.

I would still like to work on a report sharing/rating system, my
question is should it be tied into the client? Or would a site like the
Firefox Add-ons, be a good (enough) way to go?

Just noticed that Koha does it with a wiki too but their page looks a
lot more polished : )



George Tuttle wrote:
> This leads to my next discussion point - What are the reports we all need?
> Here are some examples:
> Monthly statistics:
> Monthly circulation by facility, item type and/or item demographics (adult,
> young adult, & juvenile) -- non-cat numbers included.
> Monthly new patron - by facility and patron demographics (adult & juvenile)
> Holds traffic - holds sent and received by library systems 
> Monthly In House Use by facility, item type and/or item demographics (adult,
> young adult, & juvenile)


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