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On 08/03/2011 11:55 AM, Lori Bowen Ayre wrote:
> Has anyone ever heard of this group?  See http://www.qsos.org/?p=137

FWIW, I hadn't heard of them until now, and some superficial Googling 
doesn't show any sign that that they've attracted much buzz or influence 
in procurement or decision processes.  Since qsos.org appears to have 
originated in France, I asked Paul Poulain about it, and he either 
hadn't heard of it or it didn't make much of an impression.

The statement "Licence très stricte, comme la GPL, Score 0/2" in the 
evaluations of Koha, Evergreen, and PMB don't inspire confidence, as 
that begs the question of how one evaluates the level of freedom of a 
given FLOSS license.

That quibble aside, I could see an evaluation framework like QSOS being 
useful (sort of like an OpenRFP that has, well, more openness), but it 
doesn't strike me as being a shortcut for creating feature comparison 
lists, especially since one part of the QSOS process seems to be 
figuring out what feature areas to evaluate.


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