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Tim Spindler tspindler at cwmars.org
Thu Aug 4 09:41:54 EDT 2011

I'm having problems with patterns that I wasn't having before and not sure
where the mistake is.  I was testing the creation a prediction pattern for
Academe which is bimonthly and the first issue is January.  The numbering 1
volume for each year and issues 1-6 restarting at the end of the year so it
is a fairly simple and straightforward pattern.  However, each time I create
a pattern the numbering is correct but it applies a new year for each issue
unless I put in the number of issues per year and the calendar change.  It
seems my problem may have related to my first issuance.  I did the following
in testing (this is on Evergreen 2.0 beta).  I created the following
patterns using the Alternate Serials View.

First Issuance was July 1, 2011, v. 98, i.4.

This pattern worked properly but I did indicate that the volume restarts in
January and I indicated that there were 6 issues a year in addition to it
being bimonthly.

This pattern create just for volumes and issues and indicated that it
restarts in January but date did not restart as indicated

This patttern createts for volumes and issues with the form completed for
6x/year but no January restarted date and it still lists the year
continuously increasing.

This pattern created just for volumes and issues and indicated that it is by
monthly with not restart date indicated.

Should we always be indicating the number of issues and when the renumbering
starts on the calendar?  It seems to only work when I do this.

Thanks and if I'm not making sense I can clarify.  I know why I'm not a
serials librarian.


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