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Deanna Frazee dfrazee at ci.killeen.tx.us
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I think it might help for you to know that there are three records
involved in cataloging an item.  The first is the MARC record, which
describes the physical details of the item.  Multiple copies of an item
share the same MARC record (also commonly called the "bib" record).
Below that is the volume record, which is where the call number is
recorded.  Again, multiple copies can share a volume record as long as
they are in the same location/collection.  As Susan mentioned, you can
accomplish creating the volume record when importing the bib by
including the call number in 082 or 092 tag on the MARC record and just
having it automatically imported into the volume record.  Below the
volume is the actual item record, and a separate one is created for each
individual copy of like items.

For example, we own 8 copies of John Grisham's "The Broker."  We have
one MARC record in Evergreen for it, and there are two volume records
attached to that--one for each of our locations.  Under the main
library's volume record, we have 5 item records that are identical
except for the barcode assigned to each one.  The branch library has 3
item records attached to the volume record for that location and, again,
the only difference on each is the unique barcode.  

Clear as mud?

Deanna Frazee
Killeen City Library System

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