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Hello Muhammad,

You could also try specifying the host in that command, i.e.:

psql -U evergreen -h localhost evergreen

at the shell prompt. This will essentially trigger a port connection rather
than a local socket connection (on default Ubuntu configs, at least) and
thereby prompt for a password rather than an 'ident' authentication.


>>> Muhammad Faiz Chishti 08/15/11 12:37 PM >>> 
Can u kindly specify where should I give the command in which login bcz if I 
use root it gives error I am using Ubuntu 10.04 lucid 

$psql -U evergreen evergreen 

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You can reset the password using SQL update. In the example below we are 
assuming that the Evergreen system username/database is called evergreen and 
the account you are resetting is admin, the updated password is open-ils. 

$psql -U evergreen evergreen 
# update actor.usr set passwd = 'open-ils' where usrname = 'admin'; 
# \q 


On 08/15/2011 11:04 AM, Muhammad Faiz Chishti wrote: 
> Can any one tell how to change password for admin user for a running 
> server when it is forgotten 
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>> Well, eg_db_config.pl doesn't actually update the qstore stanza, 
>> largely because qstore isn't used in Evergreen yet. So this part, at 
>> least, is a bit of a red herring. 
> Ah, I even forgot that eg_db_config.pl can update those config files. 
> :) 
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