[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Patron Opt-in configuration affecting circ retention

Thomas Berezansky tsbere at mvlc.org
Mon Jul 9 09:29:27 EDT 2012

I believe the opt-in you found is different from circ retention. That  
looks like the "patron has to opt-in to other libraries seeing their  
information" stuff rather than circ history retention.

There are global flags specifically for circ history retention, and  
user settings on top of that that (in 2.2 at least) override the  
global flags right now. The global flags thus serve as a default.

Thomas Berezansky
Merrimack Valley Library Consortium

Quoting Jim Frey <jfrey at pls-net.org>:

> Pioneer Library System is upgrading Evergreen to version 2.2 and I  
> have some questions about the patron "opt-in" features, circulation  
> anonymization, and library and global flag settings. I assume that  
> when a patron opts in , he is giving permission for the system to  
> retain his circulation history starting from the date of opting-in  
> (which would be necessary in order to flag items in searches that  
> have been previously checked out). In other words, if Evergreen were  
> configured to retain a maximum of 10 (closed?) circs per patron (  
> global flag / history.circ.retention_count ), the limit would not  
> apply to the patron after the opt-in start date. Nor would his circs  
> be affected by the age limit (global flag /  
> history.circ.retention_age ). The circ history of anyone who has not  
> opted-in, however, would be scrubbed, and older circs would  
> periodically be deleted from action.circulation and added to  
> action.aged_circulation . Is this correct?
> There are several related library settings that need better explanation:
>     ? Patron Opt-In Boundary
>     ? Patron Opt-In Default
> I've read their descriptions but I don't follow the idea of 'depth'  
> related to the opt-in process or org-units and workstations.
> I assume that history.circ.retention_age is a Postgres interval,  
> such as '2 years'. I also assume that once history.circ.retention  
> _age or history.circ.retention_count is set, the system will  
> automatically start anonomyzing patron circs (daily?). Yes? Maybe?
> Please clarify.
> Thanks,
> Jim Frey
> Systems & Emerging Technology Librarian
> Pioneer Library System
> 2557 State Rt. 21
> Canandaigua, New York 14424
> Voice: (585) 394-8260
> Fax: (585) 394-1935

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