[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Open-ils-general Digest, Vol 73, Issue 16

Sheila Miller millers at stirling.gov.uk
Fri Jul 13 05:06:58 EDT 2012


General speed of acquisitions is very, very slow.

System does not like Purchase Orders or Invoices above 100 lines. After this it freezes and won't save or allow you to make changes to lines.  We have now changed workflows to fit in with this as there was no other way round it.

If receiving part of an order line, it gets confused and thinks you are receiving all the items. We have had to invoice first, then receive, to get round this.

If you create a PO by accident, or enter the wrong Provider, there is no way back. you can't change Provider details or delete the PO. 
Once PO is activated it is not possible to un-activate it if you realise you need to make changes. THIS IS A MAJOR PAIN.

The PO allows you to activate even if there are no copies on a line, it does not give you a warning.

If you move an item from a Selection List to a PO, sometimes the system creates the PO but does not move the item.

Sometimes you get to the end of an invoice and the system won't save it - ends up you lose the lot and have to start again. MAJOR WASTE OF STAFF RESOURCES

Sometimes the system won't Save and Close an invoice, regardless of size, for no apparent reason.

Within MARC Record Download there is an option to create a PO from here. IT DOES NOT WORK.

When in a PO and you want to create copies, the next screen does not carry any information about the book. If interrupted or distracted at this stage, (phone rings etc) it is easy to forget where you were and you need to go back to PO and redo.

When searching for PO or Invoice in the list, there are no page numbers so it is hard to navigate. If you go into an item on any page after Page 1, and return to the list, the system takes you back to Page 1 every time.  THIS IS ALSO EXTREMELY ANNOYING.

Functionality that allows selected items in a PO to be taken across to an invoice at the same time would  be good.  At present you can take all at once or only one at a time.

These are the problems that we can remember at the moment.  There are others.

Best wishes


Sheila Miller
Support Services Librarian
Libraries & Archives Service
Stirling Council
Tel. 01786 432386
millers at stirling.gov.uk

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