[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Testing the new XULRunner branch

Kathy Lussier klussier at masslnc.org
Mon Jul 23 10:25:23 EDT 2012

Thanks Lindsay!

As the 2.3 release manager, Bill Erickson may be a better person to speak to this question. However, my understanding is that the 2.3 beta feature freeze is on August 1, and, at that time, no new features can be added to 2.3. 

Given that timeframe, I think it would be good if testing of the new XULRunner code could be done this week. 


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>>Is there a particular time frame for testing? I'd be more than happy to
>>test circulation functions, but have a few time constraints.
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>>	Hello Evergreen community!
>>	Please excuse cross postings.
>>	Several months ago, Thomas Berezansky at MVLC submitted code to
>>	Evergreen on newer versions of XULRunner. Jason Stephenson has
>>written a
>>	great blog post about why this code is important at
>>	http://blog.mvlcstaff.org/2012/05/testing-1-2-3.html. In addition
>>	providing more longevity for the Evergreen staff client, it also
>>has the
>>	potential to improve performance.
>>	With the 2.3 beta feature freeze coming soon, I'm concerned that
>>	code might not get enough testing to get the sign off to be
>>merged into
>>	2.3.  Unlike other development branches, this code requires
>>testing in
>>	all parts of the staff client and really shouldn't be left to one
>>	person. The more testers we have, the less likely we are to see
>>	when this code is eventually merged. To help with recruiting
>>	I have posted a page at
>>	http://open-ils.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=qa:new_xul_testing where
>>	volunteers can sign up to test various areas of the staff client.
>>I have
>>	already tested the MARC batch import interface and have
>>volunteered to
>>	review acquisitions as well. However, it wouldn't hurt if others
>>	willing to test those areas as well.
>>	Testing does not need to be limited to developers. Thomas has
>>made it
>>	really easy to test this branch. He has set up a server running
>>	that also has the new XULRunner code loaded. Details for
>>downloading a
>>	client and logging into this server are available at
>>	https://bugs.launchpad.net/evergreen/+bug/942134/comments/1.
>>	blog post also provides details on how you can load the branch on
>>	your own testing server.
>>	If you find any bugs unique to the new XULRunner branch, you can
>>	them on the Launchpad bug at
>>	https://bugs.launchpad.net/evergreen/+bug/942134. It also might
>>be a
>>	good idea to report any successful testing here so that we know
>>that a
>>	function has been tested successfully.
>>	I hope many of you consider helping out with this effort. It's a
>>	way to make a tangible contribution to the Evergreen community!
>>	Kathy
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