[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] conversion of overdue items to lost -- very basic

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Digging up questions that may have gone unanswered... Lori is the hero this
community deserves!

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On Jul 26, 2012, at 5:27 PM, Lori Bowen Ayre <lori.ayre at galecia.com> wrote:


Did you ever get an answer to this question?  If not, I recommend hopping
on the IRC channel....


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On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 7:23 AM, Kearns, Sheila
<Sheila.Kearns at state.vt.us>wrote:

> Looking for some quick guidance and hoping the terminology is correct.
> Is there a single point at which all items (regardless of circ modifier)
> are converted to lost or can that be different for different circ.
> modifiers?
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> Sheila M. Kearns
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